Your safety is our


The Service

Gas-e is an on-demand refueling service that will fill up your car at your home or office space

Simply download Gas-e in the App Store or on Google Play and never stop at a gas station ever again

Gas-e has been in closed testing for 3 months

Initial Actions / Coordination

Currently coordinating with various H.O.A’s

Fairfax County emergency dispatch has been notified to prevent false alarms

About Our Drivers

All drivers go through safety training and carry safety equipment

Pass a thorough background check

Have a clean driving record

D.O.T. and Fire department compliant

Employees will be wearing company caps and a reflective vest for easy identification

Ensuring Safety and Smooth Service

We will provide this document in an electronic format

If you live in a condo building or have open parking, please do not close open gas tanks

Please make residents aware of late night operations (7PM - 2AM)

Company trucks will have our signature app logo and a strobe light